Testimonial 2

Wedding Receptions with A Sharp DJ Service

At the reception I will carefully organize the people, events and equipment necessary for everything to go as planned. I will work with the wedding party to make sure everyone knows where they are supposed to go, what they’re supposed to do and when. I will get the bridal party in the correct order, as well as the parents. I will start the music we have discussed, and announce the Bridal party couple by couple. I will then fade that song and start the song for the parents to enter. Then I will fade that song and have a few seconds of silence to build the anticipation before starting the “Grand Entrance” song, when I will announce the Bride and Groom to their guests.

Once everyone is in the room I will provide a wireless mic for the Groom or perhaps the Bride’s father for a short welcome speech or perhaps a prayer to bless the meal. At this time I will help orchestrate the serving of the food. I will stay in touch with the kitchen staff or caterer so I will know when they are ready to serve. If the food will be served buffet style, I will release
everyone table by table. The Bride and Groom are served first so you will finish dinner first and have time to walk table to table and visit with your guests. Once you have received your entree, I will come tell you the next thing that is going to happen, so you don’t have to think about the events of the evening.

Following the meal, the next event is usually the toast. I will come and find you before the toast and see if you are finished visiting and ready to begin the toast. I will start announcing the toast 15 minutes ahead of time and make sure the caterer is on schedule with clearing the table and pouring the champagne. This announcement is also a reminder to the smokers, photographer, and people that may need to use the restroom to be back in the room at the appropriate time. I will help the speakers with how to position the mic correctly so they can be heard and not have any feedback (squeal through the speakers).

Prior to the cake cutting, I will make sure the knife, cake spatula, plate and wet napkin are there ahead of time. You will need a wet napkin after you get the icing on your fingers from feeding each other cake. I have found that venues frequently forget this very helpful item when they set up the cake. During the cake cutting I will coach you on where to stand (if the photographer doesn’t). I will do a brief narration over the microphone during the cake cutting to engage your guests.

I will then invite you to the dance floor and announce you to your guests. At that time I will start your first dance song. Based on our plans, I will invite family members to have their dance with either the Bride or Groom. These dances are only 2 minutes long (unless requested otherwise). Following these dances I will announce that I will take requests and then have open dancing for 30 minutes or so before we have the garter removal and bouquet toss (if you elect to do those).

At this time, the dancing and celebrating will begin. I will dim the houselights and will now turn on some fun disco lights that will sweep the floor to the beat of the music. I will play music that will entice the dancers to get out on the dance floor. Several times during the reception I will walk on to the dance floor to check the sound and make any necessary adjustments. It is 30% quieter behind the speakers, where the DJ sits and having the sound “blasting” the crowd will have a tendency of making your guests leave early and your 5 hour reception can be over 1 to 2 hours early. Playing the right songs at the right volume will ensure a good time for everyone. I can help the crowd with quick refresher dance courses on dances like the Electric Slide, Cha Cha slide or the Cupid Shuffle before I play those songs. That gives people that haven’t danced in awhile more confidence and the dance floor will be 3-times as full as when I play the song without a refresher course. After people get on the dance floor the first time, they are much less timid about dancing for the rest of the evening. As a competitive dancer that knows several dance styles, I don’t just play music. I feel the music from a dancers point of view and will know what music will inspire the crowd. During the last song, I will invite the crowd to join the Bride and Groom on the dance floor for their send-off dance and then call for a send-off cheer for the couple at the end of the dance.

I can go on and on about the kinds of receptions I’ve provided services for, the unique moments that I’ve helped to create and the tragic mistakes that I’ve helped to avoid by being present and careful for the Bride, the Groom and their guests. Whether you are hosting an intimate affair or the event of the season, a professional like me can ensure that your reception runs smoothly, with class and in perfect consideration for you and your guests.