Testimonial 2

Wedding Receptions with A Sharp DJ Service

At the reception I will carefully organize the people, events and equipment necessary for everything to go as planned. I will work with the wedding party to make sure everyone knows where they are supposed to go, what they’re supposed to do and when. I will get the bridal party in the correct order, as well as the parents. I …

Testimonial 6

Lisa and Greg – Bride and Groom

DJ Farrell Woods, We just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful job at our wedding. You know you did a good job when the bride rarely left the dance floor. We also wanted to thank you for facilitating the reception to progress in such an organized manner….it definitely would not have gone as smoothly without you. Thanks Again! …

Testimonial 1

The Right Music

Farrell, Thank you for doing such an amazing job at our wedding. You exceeded our expectations. You played the right music at the right time and really kept the crowd engaged all night. Most of all we loved the special dance you surprised us with-something we will cherish forever. Chris & Cassi Winter

Testimonial 8

Kelly, Mother of the Bride

Farrell, Yes we were very happy with everything you controlled at the reception, the music was great, your commentary was exceptional, and we thought your recording and play back of Cassondra and Chris’s wedding vows was a great touch to an amazing night. Thanks for your help and the little extra items you incorporated, it was an unforgettable evening. Kelly …

Testimonial 7

Best Wishes

Hello Farrell! I hope all is well with you. I was emailing to see if you would still have a copy of the song you help my husband create for me on our wedding day September 17th. It was so wonderful and meaningful I would love to have a copy if possible. I have had so many complements about our …

Testimonial 4

Kendra Zurn, the Bride

Farrell, I was really surprised at how much more you did than play music. You kept everything going so smoothly and the energy fun all evening. Everything went so well and everyone was having so much fun, that after the reception we all went out to a bar and kept the party going till the wee hours. Thanks again! Kendra …

Testimonial 5

Optimum Holiday Party

Hello Farrell, The overall rating for you as the Dj for our Holiday party is A+++. Everyone liked your personality and your ability to get people on the dance floor. -Jan Faulkner, Optimum Management systems (Holiday party & a second party as a Housewarming at a later date)

Testimonial 2

From the Mother

Farrell, Thank you so much for your exceptional performance as the DJ for my daughters wedding. Your talent & ability to make people laugh made all the difference in the mood at the reception. Everyone had such a good time. You are truly very talented in what you do and I appreciated your “down to earth ability to have a …

Testimonial 9

A Happy Bride

Hey Farrell!!!!! Thank you SO much for everything… the party was amazing; I LOVED the music, and you did a fabulous job of keeping everyone on the dance floor! Not that they needed much goading, I couldn’t believe how much everyone was dancing!!!! You totally did that! Anyhow, I haven’t forgotten about you, I really would love to write a …